Demon Digest

All characters are my original creations and currently in draft form.  Artwork drawn by me.


This is my idea for the banner for my series.  I’ve decided to call it Demon Digest.   For additional credits please click image.

Alio, the Fate, is the lead character in my NaNoWriMo novel “A Twist of Fates”, which is the first novel in the Demon Digest series.







Stevinia the Nixie, is a part of the Demon Digest series, she will have her own novel.











Fera is a main character in the Demon Digest series I am working on. (Fera’s appearance will likely slightly change in the future). Fera was the first character to come to mind in the development of the series.


Lumipalo (Lumi) – is a part of the Demon Digest series. She lives in the Crystal Wastes and will have a story of her own. She comes from the direct inspiration of this winter.


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