Parallel Universes – A Random (Creative) Thought


You know those times when you’re having a conversation, and instead of saying the word you’re thinking, you say something completely random.  And I don’t just mean the opposite of what you meant.

Well, what if, when not we’re thinking too hard about the words coming out of our mouths, we say ‘banana’ but actually intended to say ‘kitchen’?  Could it be that there is some tenuous connection between this world and a parallel one resulting in our words getting mixed up on the wrong plain?

I mentioned this to my husband, Rich – who is a scientist – of course he said that something like that would be ‘difficult to prove’.  Now, I’m not a ‘scientician’ (as I like to call it).  And I know that something like this would be impossible to prove with our limited knowledge (never mind the theory of parallel worlds not yet being proven… c’mon Hadron Collider).  But however improbable, is it not possible?

What if our brains are somehow tuned to our ‘next door’ brains?

Rich asked me why I thought the brain would have anything to do with it.  Why not?  There is so little we know about it.  If we’re presumably only using like 10% of it, what’s the other 90% doing?  Maybe when we’re off our guard some momentary connection is made.  Now, usually when this happens, it just provides a source of comic relief, but it can also be seen as a potential indicator of a mental problem (if occurring at a high frequency).

In any event, it seemed like an interesting hypothesis to me (the non-scientist).  And certainly an interesting idea from a literary point of view.  In one of my future novels, I have a character who will have the ability to open other dimensions, I’m thinking I just may have to incorporate this idea somehow… could prove to add an interesting element to the bike… I mean, story.


3 thoughts on “Parallel Universes – A Random (Creative) Thought

  1. Abso-freakin-lutely! Consider how limited our spectrum of perception is with our limited human senses. It’s is most assuredly within the realm of possibility that we are connecting to other dimensions of reality. I believe anything is possible.

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  2. An interesting hypothesis – and why not? I did find myself wondering why a parallel universe and not a past or future time? Certainly there are similar hypotheses regarding “memories” that insert themselves into our present. And what of precognition? Perhaps these are all one and the same …

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