My Two Cents: Tauriel is only part of the problem…

I’m a little behind on my Hobbit movie watching, so I just watched The Desolation of Smaug and met the character, Tauriel.

I like Tauriel – what woman in her right mind doesn’t like a beautiful kick-ass role model to look up to?  And as a redhead myself, I’m even more partial.  BUT, she has NO place in this story.

Why was she added?  Presumably so the Hobbit movies would be more PC in a modern age.  So what does Hollywood do?  They throw in ONE female character – who doesn’t belong – to show how embracing and feminist they are.

Tauriel is not a feminist – or feminist sympathizer – creation.  She is nothing more than a symbol of sexism trying too hard.

Now, I don’t consider myself a feminist.  Frankly, that term has too many negative, man-hating connotations to it.  (I’m sure somewhere it is still used in the pure sense, but in my personal experience it now has nothing to do with equality).

That being said, had The Hobbit movie people really wanted to show how “modern” they were, all they had to do was mix the elves.  Some mixture of men and women fighting together.

As far as I recall, Tolkien did not specifically say that all the elves in every scene in his books (apart from Galadriel and Arwen) were men…that is an assumption.  Therefore, why can we not assume that there were women warriors alongside the men.  After all, the elves seemed to be pretty progressive.

Only that unspoken addition would have shown how modern they are…

Dear Hollywood: if you want to write your own stories, go ahead!  But stop it with the piggy-backing on already proven stories.

P.S. I would love to see a story about Bella Donna Took…she may just be the female character you’re looking for…


One thought on “My Two Cents: Tauriel is only part of the problem…

  1. My feeling with Tauriel is that they also really wanted to insert a romance plot somewhere — so she’s not just there as a tokenist gesture, but for extremely stereotypical ‘female-audience’ purposes. As if all female characters need a male attachment to give shape to their story. This really infuriated me in The Battle of the Five Armies, so beware.

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