Pain in the “A”!

The editing process has officially begun!

My NaNoWriMo novel, A Twist of Fates, is just beginning the exciting adventure of editing.  As I have mentioned, when I started writing this novel I did so with little more than an idea, so I wouldn’t get bogged down in the details.

And so now I’m starting by going backward.

Before I even open my novel for it’s first read through, I’ve decided to start by writing out the background details, character descriptions, etc. in order to have tangible details to add, and ideas for better pictorial description.

So here’s the thing – there’s always a ‘thing’ – some of what I’m missing in my original draft are names for characters. Names are fun, right?

Sure…if you don’t put an ‘a’ at the end of every single one of them!

Now, I am Canadian, so perhaps there’s a little more leeway in my excessive use of ‘eh’, but at some point it just looks like I haven’t tried hard enough.  For some reason, almost every fantasy name sounds better with an ‘a’ at the end.  It’s like the perfect ending to a beautiful song…but now the composer is stealing from himself and it sounds just a little bit too familiar to everyone else…  *cough* John Williams *cough*

Sigh, a writer’s lot I suppose.  Now I’m off to tackle this mole-hill… after all, it is the mountain that awaits!


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