And now for something completely different!

Well, not completely different, but fun nonetheless…

A couple of weekends ago was the 40th Annual Science Fiction Marathon at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

As it was such an auspicious occasion, an extra-special prize was raffled off – the opportunity to stomp around like Godzilla on university buildings from 40 years ago that were no longer in existence (or had changed in some key aspects rendering them almost unrecognizable).

My husband, being the faculty advisor for the student organization, took it upon himself to build those defunct buildings.  The only stipulation was that the winner had to become the dreaded Godzilla.  For the 2 weeks worth of work on the selected buildings it was imperative the winner ham-it-up.  Hilarity ensued…enjoy!


Thought of the Day

Star Trek – a stark reminder of what the human race could be…but sadly isn’t.

Reading Jar 2014

At the beginning of 2014, I started a Book Jar – for every book I finished reading I would write down the title and author on a different coloured post-it note (I have quite a little stockpile of unused notes) and put it in the jar so I could go back and physically see how many books I read in the year (without leaving an unruly pile of books in the middle of the room).  I’m sure I picked up the idea from somewhere online.

I have to say it was actually a lot of fun!  I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked, but typically nowadays I only really read at night just before bed – which sometimes means not for very long, or not at all depending on the day.  But nonetheless, a cool exercise.


Last year I apparently read 35 books total.  I had read somewhere that the average person reads about 50 books a year and I wanted to see how close I was to that average – admittedly, not as close as I’d like, but still I feel pretty good about it.  So good in fact that I’m challenging myself this year to beat 35.

What am I going to do with the post-its, you ask.  I’m planning on making some sort of crafty art project out of them – haven’t decided on how it’s going to work yet, but I’m definitely not going to waste the opportunity to make it even more fun 🙂

And I’m already amassing reads for 2015!  Bring it on, Book worms!

MyReads 2015