Taking Up the NaNoWriMo Challenge

Guess who’s going to give it a go?!

Well, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo next month. Although I’m usually not motivated to do things if forced to, having a deadline to my procrastination has always been helpful.

This will be my first year giving it a go. I hope that the “pants-on-fire” approach will help my internal editor take a vacation for a month.

My husband often jokes(?) that I’ve got all the press and merchandising figured out…I just lack the actual written story.  He’s not wrong.  But hey!  even the NaNoWriMo site says writers are more likely to “win” if they have a book cover.

LOOK, I have one –> Book Cover

I had fun with it, while at the same time keeping it simple.  (Photoshop is rapidly becoming my friend).  I went a little Hollywood with the lens flare…but that just gives it legitimacy…right?

I’ve been developing a story world that I would consider reminiscent of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.  Although, my story world is – in my opinion – uniquely different.  I originally thought I would focus on the main universe-binding story I originally came up with, but I’ve decided instead to work with other characters that I haven’t devoted much time to as yet.  It’s my aim to work with the less developed so that I don’t get bogged down with the “what I think I wants” and can just go where the story takes me.

If nothing else, this will be an exercise in persistence and free-association.

To add to a soon to be busy daily schedule, I’ve also decided to open an online store to sell my crochet creations starting in November, but no worries.  What’s life without some self-imposed craziness?


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