The Art of Education

A few months back I was contacted by the International Baccalaureate looking to gain my permission to reproduce a picture of my crocheted Medusa for the IB’s educational workbook for their middle years program.

As it was for an educational project I freely gave my consent…and today I received my complimentary copy of the workbook!!  And in fact the image is used twice in their chapter entitled “The Art of Medusa”.

I’ve got to say I’m feeling quite proud 😀

Education through art, that’s a contribution I gladly make.

And here she is:




5 thoughts on “The Art of Education

  1. I don’t know just how to name this. If it was a participle, it would be a dangling participle, but maybe a dangling modifier but that’s not it either. Your phrasing “picture of a crochet Medusa I made for an educational workbook” reads as if you made it the workbook but, of course, you didn’t. You really need to re=phrase it. How about “my picture of a crocheted Medusa for their educational workbook”?


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