A Woman’s Worth

It’s a pet peeve that keeps coming up…

If, as a woman, you see your greatest accomplishment as your children, then I’m thrilled for you.  I have a lot of friends who are brilliant moms and I love and respect you.

But if, as a woman, you see your greatest accomplishment as your children – and then proceed to turn around and judge me for choosing not to have children, then you have a problem with your own self-worth.  Why are the choices I make to not be like you, your problem?  If you only value other women based on their ability to have children, then you clearly don’t value yourself, let alone your daughter’s right to decide her life’s path.

I am more than my ability to incubate. 

And with all the lonely, starving, abused and unwanted children already in the world, I’d love for you to explain why I’m selfish for not wanting to bring another child into this world.

And frankly, just because I can do something doesn’t mean I have to do it, or should. 

I value your right to make your own decisions, so don’t dare to judge mine because you don’t value yourself.


One thought on “A Woman’s Worth

  1. Re The Worth of a Woman. A woman is a person, with hopes desires and dreams. I have met women and worked with women who bring a certain energy to a board room, who can lead a discussion, who can serve as a much needed catalyst for discussion. There was one woman I worked with in Ottawa in Staff Relations who could cause me to think about a particular employee grievance in ways that would never have occurred to me had she not been there. Sometimes the male chauvinist ‘oink’ in me (oh yes… it’s there) would resent that. But mostly I came to appreciate the qualities she brought to the table. Notihing biological. Just a good and very effective working relationship. Everybody won.

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