Writing, – insert life pause – Planning, and Writing Again

It’s been crazy here at home.

It’s not surprising, but just when everything starts to settle down and you devise an action plan something happens and suddenly you’re derailed.

Last week* my kitty got sick and was diagnosed with pancreatitis.  In short, her digestive enzymes thought it would be a good idea to leak out and try to digest her.  Absolutely terrifying.  And there is nothing to treat it (in animals or humans).  All you can do is manage the pain, nausea and fluids and hope that it goes away.

(*Update: I just looked at the calendar and it was 2 weeks ago she got sick…time really did stop for me.)

Needless to say my whole world stopped.  I was paralyzed by fear and, frankly, premature grieving…if anything happens to her, I will be inconsolable…

So far she seems to be doing well, and I am desperately hoping for a full recovery and no recurrences, ever.  If she continues along the positive path she seems to be on right now, next week we’ll take her in to check her blood to see how she’s doing.

In the meantime, now that my heart has started beating again, I’ve been getting back to work on my writing.

Just before this incident, I decided to purchase a composition notebook for writing my story.  I was finding that I’m too easily distracted on the computer; after I write a few lines I immediately turn around and edit them.  I can’t do that as easily with pen and paper, at least not to the extent I can in a word processor.  I need better focus, so I’m playing it old school.

I’ve managed to write a few pages so far, and through that process discovered that I need to do some more skeletal planning for my story.  In the past, I was able to simply start writing and just see where it went.  I still think that will be the best course because a story that follows a natural flow will be better than one that forces its way unnaturally to the end you think you want.  But without an idea of how to get to where I think I want to go (love the conditionals) I’ll still be stopping and starting more than writing.

So right now I’m in the process of further character development / sketches and story world design to help make the flow of my writing come more easily.

And this brings me to my question: how much information should an author publicly share about his or her character development plans in the early stages of writing?

I’ve seen a number of blogs that share full character descriptions, but often they’ve already got at least one story / book out there.  Is it premature to share this information because it could give away too much of the story OR is it better to start sharing the bare bones of it to garner interest and a potential reader base?

What do you think?





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