Serendipity & Writing

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe other night I was having a random conversation with my husband and I said something that was only meant to be silly, but then POOF – it became a fantastic story world idea!

So, all of the other stories I’m working on (all of which were put aside for more reflection anyway) are on hold while I develop the new world I’ve envisioned.

In other words –SQUIRREL!

I’ve even got a couple of characters already dancing around in my head.  The basic story world has a definite Terry Pratchett-esque feel to it, but I’m okay with that because it’s plenty far from being the same.  And there is, incidentally, a great potential for a series in it, too!  I’m pretty psyched!

One of the best feelings for me when developing a story are the points of serendipity that occur that reinforce the idea that you are on the ‘right track’.

With that in mind I came across – via social media – some sage advice from the late, great Ray Bradbury:

It’s the lack of pretension that draws me to authors like him.  For me, a true artist just follows their dreams.  Too often wannabe artists try to attach deep meaning to everything they do and as soon as they’ve done that I’m turned off.

So, what better advice for an aspiring author than to just enjoy what you do and to follow the road where your writing takes you because you will always be surprised.

Photo Credit: Ko Chang Long Beach Road (modified) via (CC BY-SA 3.0)




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