This is Me Being a Writer

“If you wish to be a writer, write.” ~ Epictetus

Up to now I’ve avoided writing a personal blog because it’s too much like a private journal, and – being the introvert that I am – I’ve felt neither comfortable nor inclined to share my inner-most workings with the world.  However, I want to be a writer…or, at the very least, the author of a few cool stories I’ve dreamt up; I’ve already started the leg-work, but I’ve discovered my writing confidence needs a bit of a boost…

…so here I will start to write in (theoretical) earnest.

(And, as I’m a crochet artist, we’ll see some of my yarn-y creations along the way…if nothing else it will help add a little colour to my page).

Note to Self: Blogger Beware…

Too easily blogs can become overly self-indulgent and pretentious, and I certainly don’t wish to be perceived as either.  And although I am a bit of an idealist myself (with a cynical undercurrent), it is my goal to avoid channeling my angst-y fourteen-year-old self.  You know who I’m talking about…the one who thinks you’re imparting a deep worldly wisdom that no-one else has truly put their mind to, all the while using even bigger words in an effort to get people to take you seriously.  Yeah…that one.  Although she may be well-meaning, it’s hard to take her seriously.

With that in mind, it’s time to get things underway…

This is me being a writer!


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